The platform


LeipziXP e.V. is an initiative of Leipzig artists to promote the local experimental music and sound art scene.

Experimental music is a very broad term and it surely extends beyond what we focus on. We decided to put our interest on specific areas of this music: research in sound, reduction, acoustic and electroacoustic music, partly-determined compositions and conceptual improvisation to name a few.

Since 2018 we have been organising a networking-festival “ZiXP” and since 2020 a concert series “LiLe” with local musicians and guests from outside Leipzig.

We are looking forward to all new contacts, ideas and collaborations to make the scene richer and more dynamic!

Our initiatives


ZiXP, a local festival for sound art and experimental music
We organised the festival for the first time in 2018, with the hypothesis that there are several artists in Leipzig who are engaged in experimental music but don’t know each other, as there were few places and events in that time that focused on it and especially on the local scene.

Through an Open-Call we have reached 10 musicians and 7 of them could participate. In 2019 there were 20 musicians and 5 sound artists and in 2020 30 musicians.

The dynamic is now alive and there are several festivals and event series dealing with this music or similar. ZiXP benefits from this dynamic and remains the place where local musicians from Leipzig and around can meet and try out or create new works together.

LiLe, Live experimental music in Leipzig
Since 2020 LiLe is a concert series for experimental music with a focus on sound research, reduced music and improvisation as well as composition in a partly-determined framework.

Each event presents a solo or duo of local musicians and one set by a guest artist or band from outside Leipzig.

The concert series tries to draw a broad horizon of experimental music, with improvisation as well as composition, with classical, modern and self-made instruments for acoustic, electronic or electroacoustic music, performance and dance. 


Diane Martinot, graphic design, photography

Ellen Fischer, public relations

Sébastien Branche, management, curation, webmastering


info @ leipzixp Dot org

Press und public relations: pr @ leipzixp Dot org